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DevOps For Developers
DevOps for Developers
The DevOps for Developers YouTube channel where I publish videos on DevOps topics targeting developers looking to improve or add DevOps skills to their existing skillset. I cover a range of topics including career development, DevOps as a role, integrating DevOps practices into the Software Delivery Lifecycle and more.
Adventures in DevOps Podcast
Adventures in DevOps
The Adventures In DevOps Podcast is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Jonathan Hall, Jillian Rowe, and myself. We discuss trends in DevOps, the latest in technology, and learn best practices from our guests. Courses is a video learning platform with byte-sized (get it? lol...) lessons on all topics programming. I spent several years creating content for Egghead and have taught 1,000s of developers NodeJS, Python, and more through the content available here.