Web3/Blockchain Engineering

I believe blockchain and web3 technologies have great potential to enable consumers and creators to own their assets. We are very early in this space, which leads to a lot of bad ideas and failed implementations but I'm confident in my ability to help you navigate and structure your blockchain and web3 ideas for the future.

Below you'll find some of my skills and accomplishments in this area.

Computable Labs

Working with Computable Labs as a consultant provided one of my early forays into blockchain (in 2019!). Our primary project CAPI was a set of APIs allowing a trusted API service to manage the voting and trusting process for distributed datasets (much like the current DAO model). While the company itself failed to find an audience, the code and lessons live on.


The API service ran on ECS Fargate in AWS with connectivity to the Skynet (private blockchain), Rinkeby, and Mainnet Ethereum blockchains. All resources were built and provisioned using Cloudformation templates with SSL, monitoring, and Cloudwatch Log Groups.

We used Flask as the API framework and OpenAPI Spec 2.0 for API route documentation. The python web3 library provided blockchain connectivity using credentials stored in AWS Secrets Manager for signed transactions.

Consensys Certified
Consensys Certificate
In 2018, I embarked on the Consensys Developer program and successfully completed it. The program consisted of blockchain fundamentals, smart contract development, common exploits and how to prevent them, and integrating with smart contracts using Javascript. You can see the source code for my final project here.

The project is a multi-tenant marketplace allowing vendors to sell products using Ethereum. I now know this is a terrible idea for a blockchain application. Would've been cool for the staff at ye ole Consensys Academy to have pointed that out, but they didn't.

So here we are...

Blockchain Development In 7 Days
Blockchain Development Book
In 2018, I thought it would be a great idea to write a book on building smart contracts. This will go down as one of my worst ideas (so far). I mis-understood the needs of the target audience. The technology was changing too fast to live in printed form. The support commitment reflected both of these misunderstandings. The title is now officially retired. The only remaining take-away is "Did I learn my lesson?"
Government Blockchain Association
Government Blockchain Association
In 2019, I served as a member of the Government Blockchain Association and led the formation of the Application Architecture Working Group.
Developer DAO
Developer DAO
In 2022, I joined the Developer DAO to interact with other web3 developers and gain a better understanding of organizing and running DAOs. Much to be learned here.